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Entry #1

"But why are you uploading so much now??"

2011-01-12 19:16:12 by StainMcGorver

As you can see, I only uploaded one song last year, now suddenly I've added 4 songs a half year later. (I'm probably going to be uploading more soon, by the way...) The reason behind this? I completely forgot about my account here. I was making music on a regular basis after I tried uploading here, realized I put my Newgrounds email in an email I never check anymore, and, yeah. I've just finished Nucular Bomz a few days ago, which honestly is one of the worst songs I've made, and I really just can't find much inspiration. I'm not gonna stop making songs, unfortunately for you! HA! >:D. Just, I really don't know what to make.


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